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Property Conveyancing

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Property Conveyancing

We specialise in guiding our clients past the many potential pitfalls involved, whether you’re buying a resale property, a new development, or land that you’re intending to develop yourself. We strongly advise you to contact us before you sign any paperwork or pay any deposit. Even innocuous-looking pre-contract agreements can contain clauses that restrict your room for manoeuvre when it comes to negotiating the precise terms and conditions of the contract. WHAT SERVICES DOES THE SOLICITOR PROVIDE?

Preliminary stage

Before you sign any proposed contract, we:
– conduct a full and thorough Land Registry search to check ownership;
– ensure that the property is free from all outstanding debts and charges;
– verify, in the case of newly-constructed properties, that the developer has local planning permission and all the required documentation.

We then negotiate a private contract for you in addition to, and in advance of, the standard public contract (or deed). This protects you to a certain extent from being gazumped.

Intermediate stages

We’re not simply there at the beginning and at the end either. For example, with properties that are in the process of being constructed, we act as an intermediary between you and the developer, estate agent and bank, assisting and helping to keep you informed at all times. We oversee payments stage-by-stage, and can arrange mortgages and insurance.

Final stage

To carry the purchase through to completion, we:
– negotiate the terms of completion.
– oversee the signing of the public deed before the notary.

Post-completion stage

We also provide the following services:

  • arranging payment of taxes, notary fees and land registry fees.
  • ensuring the property is properly registered at the Land Registry Office.

Naturally, we ensure you have a clear idea of your ongoing commitments as a new Spanish property owner.

What is the cost

The additional costs involved in carrying out the purchase of a Spanish property amount to an average of 10% of the value of the property. The main expenses included in this estimate are the sales or transfer tax, stamp duty when applicable, Notary Public fees, Land Registry fees and legal fees.

Our standard legal fees for conveyancing up to completion are 1% of the value of the property, subject to a minimum charge, plus VAT.
Post-completion handling fees vary according to circumstances. Please consult our office for a full quotation & our terms and conditions.