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Inheritance & Wills

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Inheritance & Wills

Inheritance Services

For those who are inheriting the Spanish assets of a deceased person, we can:

  • Obtain copies of the Death Certificate.
  • Request the Will Certificate information from the Central Registry of Wills in Madrid (Últimas Voluntades).
  • Obtain the signed will from the Notary Public, or — in those cases where there is no signed will — the Statement of Estate Heirs (Declaración de Herederos).
  • Arrange the Acceptance of the Inheritance.
  • Act as executors of the will according to its stated provisions, or, where there is no will, to the desires of the inheritors.
  • arrange payment of the applicable Inheritance Tax.
  • Inscribe the new owners of any inherited estate at the Land Registry.
Spanish will
  • Persons interested in relocating to Spain or simply purchasing a property in Spain should be aware that Spanish inheritance law differs significantly from its British equivalent.
  • In order to facilitate proper execution of one’s final wishes, it is advisable to draw up a Spanish will.
  • We can draft the will document according to your explicit instructions and arrange for it to be authorised by a Notary Public in the UK. There is no need to appear before a Notary Public in Spain, unless you want to sign it while you are in Spain.