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Power of Attorney and NIE number

Need I travel to Spain for Completion?
We can make alternative arrangements if you are unable — due to prior commitments — to appear in person before the Notary Public in Spain, to sign a public deed or other legal documents. In this event, we recommend drafting a Power of Attorney transferring relevant legal powers to your nominated representative, before he or she travels to Spain. Our team at Javier de Juan Spanish Solicitors can draft such a document, for authorisation before a Notary Public in the UK.

What is the NIE number?
The NIE is the Spanish Tax Number for non residents — similar to a social security number or a National Insurance number. You need to have a NIE one to sign the title deeds of your property, and to be connected to utilities.
You also need one to pay any Spanish taxes. We can help you obtain a NIE.


Should I borrow from a bank at home or in Spain?
When buying a property in Spain, mortgages can be set up in Spain or in the UK depending on individual circumstances and preference. In either case, we can help you arrange a mortgage to suit your financial needs. We are familiar with the options available through Spain’s major banks as well as with lenders based in the UK.


How do I go about securing my property and belongings in Spain?
We have experience recommending hassle-free insurance policies for our clients through well-known and highly respected Spanish brokers

Real Estate

Help with finding a property
We have built up an extensive network of contacts with estate agents & developers in both the UK and Spain.

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